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Attached is the PARIS August 2020 Interstate Match Report for review by all member states. There is no personally identifiable information included; it is just statistical information on the number of matches between states. The report is 140 pages long. PARIS Interstate Report 202008 (PDF)


The PARIS Computer Matching Agreement (CMA) between the Department of Defense, State Public Assistance Agencies, and the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, which expires on September 29, 2020, has been approved for a 12-month extension through September 29, 2021.

In order for SPAAs to voluntarily participate in the matches that will occur between September 29, 2020 and September 29, 2021 with DoD data under the Federal Match CMA:

  1. The SPAA must have a valid signed 2019-2020 agreement (PDF) on file with ACF/PARIS.
  2. An authorized representative of the SPAA must fill and sign the SPAA portion of the extension agreement -- Please see the last page of the attached fillable PDF (PDF) (also available on the PARIS Memorandum webpage).

We ask that states send the signed agreement, as well as any questions, to the PARIS at

Note: SPAAs must complete the above process by the November Match date (11/13/2020) to receive the November Federal Match. As an additional reminder, the same deadline applies for the VA Match.

The purpose of this matching program is to identify individuals receiving both federal compensation or pension benefits and public assistance benefits under federal programs administered by the states and to verify public assistance clients’ declarations of income circumstances. For this match, the DMDC will match SPAA files against DoD military and civilian pay files, military retired pay files, and survivor pay files. This 12-month extension includes some non-significant changes, most notably clarification on records usage restrictions.

States seeking to learn how to better leverage the Federal Match may reach out to the PARIS Board of Directors.