UMOS Holds Summit on Housing Solutions for Survivors of Trafficking

October 18, 2019
group in conference room at housing summit

Summit on Housing Solutions for Survivors of Trafficking

In Milwaukee and Wisconsin, housing for survivors of human trafficking is scarce and difficult to come by. Housing is consistently a main concern for survivors across the country. In 2018, the National Human Trafficking Hotline noted that unstable housing was one of the top three risk factors for human trafficking Visit disclaimer page .

The UMOS–Wisconsin Regional Anti-Human Trafficking Program and the Milwaukee FBI Citizen's Academy hosted a summit on September 25, 2019 at UMOS headquarters in Milwaukee, WI. The summit focused on discussing the complex issue of housing solutions for survivors of sex and labor trafficking in Wisconsin. UMOS guided the discussion toward realistic action steps for sustainable solutions to housing for survivors of sex and labor trafficking.

The summit had a diverse audience representing a wide variety of disciplines to emphasize the need for cross-system collaborations among professionals to develop housing solutions for survivors. Federal and state provider partners were present, as well as local law enforcement, Milwaukee Continuum of Care housing representatives, and local shelters and housing providers.

Goals of the Summit

  • Document all current housing programs in the city that may be available to survivors of trafficking
  • Discuss barriers for trafficking survivors within local housing systems
  • Develop new and creative housing solutions for trafficking survivors in Wisconsin
  • Determine specific action steps to be taken after the summit


  • A workgroup of service providers and representatives from the Milwaukee Housing Authority will meet regularly to continue to work through housing issues in Milwaukee and Wisconsin
  • Participants learned about current Milwaukee housing program options that survivors of trafficking may be eligible for
  • Increased collaborations were made across systems to better leverage resources to house survivors of human trafficking in a sustainable way

About UMOS

UMOS is a non-profit advocacy organization and LBS Regional grantee that provides programs and services that improve the employment, educational, and housing opportunities of under-served populations. Within UMOS, the Latina Resource Center is a robust advocacy program with the goal of serving those affected by domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking. The Wisconsin Regional Anti-Human Trafficking Program, housed within the Latina Resource Center, is a statewide project focusing on building the capacity of Wisconsin communities to better identify and refer victims of sex and labor trafficking in the state. Pillars of the program include outreach, training, technical assistance, policy development, and screening and identification of potential victims.

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