OTIP Grantee Helps Survivor Return Home Safely

July 25, 2019
Picture of staff members from Mosaic Family Services

After leaving a trafficking situation, a woman arrived in Dallas with her daughter to live with a family member, but the living arrangements did not work out as planned. She went to live with another family who physically, mentally, and emotionally abused her, and ultimately kicked her out of their home.

Picture of staff members from Mosaic Family Services
Staff members from Mosaic Family Services

With no money and nowhere to go, she went to her home country’s local consulate. The consul general asked Mosaic Family Services Visit disclaimer page for help. Mosaic’s Outreach Team has a strong partnership with the consulate that enabled them to provide vital services for the survivor and ensure her safe transport back home.

A representative from the consulate later stated:

"Mosaic provided a roof, food, protection, psychological assistance, and emotional support that has been decisive in completing this process successfully. From my team and from the authorities of my country, I want to express our most sincere gratitude to Mosaic Family Services, Mr. John Marin, and all the staff who do an extraordinary job for the most vulnerable community affected by social conflict."

Mosaic Family Services is a Look Beneath the Surface Regional Anti-Trafficking Program grantee. Learn more about Mosaic Family Services Visit disclaimer page .

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