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Stable, affordable, and safe housing directly contributes the economic mobility of individuals and families. Access to secure housing can provide opportunities for gainful employment, education development, healthy food options, and health care. It can reduce exposure to community violence and the risk for exploitation, including human trafficking. Housing affordability and stability allows individuals and families to build savings and invest in themselves and their communities through relationships, civic engagement, education, and health. 

The Housing and Economic Mobility Toolkit includes guiding principles for serving survivors of human trafficking, strategies for developing community partnerships, and clarification about survivors’ eligibility for existing housing resources.

Learn what to do if you or someone you know has received an Adult Certification Letter from HHS.

Learn what to do if you or someone you know has received an Interim Assistance or Eligibility Letter from HHS.

Access information and data about the Human Trafficking Youth Prevention Education (HTYPE) Demonstration Program.

For grantees and service providers: Learn how you can use your data to support fundraising and benefit your program in this video from The Center for Victim Research.