U.S. Government Reports

OTIP contributes to reports from several other federal agencies. These reports provide information on human trafficking and the U.S. government's efforts to combat it on national and global scales.

Federal Strategic Action Plan

The Departments of Justice (DOJ), Health and Human Services (HHS), and Homeland Security (DHS) co-chaired the development of the Federal Strategic Action Plan on Services to Victims of Human Trafficking in the United States (PDF) Visit disclaimer page . The five-year plan was released in 2014 and seeks to:

  • Align efforts by promoting strategic and coordinated services for victims at the federal, regional, state, territorial, tribal and local levels
  • Improve understanding by expanding and coordinating human trafficking-related research, data, and evaluation to support evidence-based victim services
  • Expand access to services by providing outreach, training, and technical assistance to increase victim identification and expand availability of services
  • Improve outcomes by promoting effective, culturally-appropriate, trauma-informed services that improve the short- and long-term health, safety, and well-being of victims

Status reports are released to provide updates.

Department of Health and Human Services

The Assistant Secretary for Planning Research and Evaluation Visit disclaimer page has released several studies on serving victims of human trafficking. Search in their library for more Visit disclaimer page .

Search the OTIP Resource Library Visit disclaimer page for reports and policy documents.

Department of Justice

The Department of Justice produces the Attorney General’s Annual Reports to Congress and Assessment of U.S. Government Activities to Combat Trafficking in Persons that provides recommendations to federal agencies and updates on robust information from each agency on anti-trafficking efforts.

Department of State

The Department of State Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons Visit disclaimer page produces the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report Visit disclaimer page each year. The report serves as the U.S. government’s principal diplomatic tool to engage foreign governments in dialogues to advance anti-trafficking reforms and to combat trafficking and to target resources on prevention, protection and prosecution programs.

Other Federal Trafficking Reports

OTIP does not directly contribute to the following reports, but they contain helpful information describing the state of human trafficking.

Department of Labor on Child Labor

The International Labor Affairs Bureau (ILAB) conducts and funds rigorous research Visit disclaimer page to inform the design and implementation of policy and programs. ILAB researches worker livelihoods and the violation of worker rights, including the prevalence of child labor and occurrence of forced labor around the world.

2017 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor

List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor Visit disclaimer page

List of Products Produced by Forced or Indentured Child Labor Visit disclaimer page

U.S. Agency for International Development on Trafficking for Global and Regional Missions

The Counter Trafficking in Persons program Visit disclaimer page at the U.S. Agency for International Development produces technical publications on trafficking in persons Visit disclaimer page each year for their global and regional missions.

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