Voices of Freedom: Hispanic Heritage Month

September 22, 2021

As part of our ongoing Voices of Freedom Initiative, we are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by sharing a few of the conversations where at least one recording partner is of Hispanic heritage.   

  • Julissa Ponce and Katherine Chon Visit disclaimer page : Julissa Ponce speaks with her colleague in anti-trafficking work, Katherine Chon, about her family's experience with labor exploitation, the impact of her parents' advocacy in her life, and the loss of her father this past year. Julissa speaks about the misunderstandings when it comes to trafficking and shares her hopes for the future of anti-trafficking work. 
  • Jose Alfaro and Shannon Sigamoni Visit disclaimer page : Jose Alfaro talks with his colleague Shannon Sigamoni about coming out to his family, getting kicked out of his home, and searching for acceptance. He discusses how he found resilience in himself while he was forced into sex labor and talks about the importance of sharing his story to help other survivors and members of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Marissa Castellanos and Saul Cristobal Tellez Escobedo Visit disclaimer page : Marissa Castellanos talks with her colleague and friend Saul Cristobal Tellez Escobedo about his upbringing, his achievements, and what he wants others to know about him. (Recorded in Spanish.) 
  • Jess Torres and Susie Baldwin Visit disclaimer page : Jess Torres talks with their friend, colleague, and mentor, Dr. Susie Baldwin, about their work in anti-trafficking and the vision they have for how the work should evolve. Jess talks about some of their mentors, shares proud moments in their anti-trafficking work, and talks about gaps in anti-trafficking response.  
  • Maria Echaveste and Luis C. deBaca Visit disclaimer page : Friends Luis C. deBaca and Maria Echaveste discuss their early careers and arrival to labor law, share about some specific cases of labor abuse they worked on, and reflect on the larger global factors that contribute to labor trafficking. 
  • Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia and Kathleen Sexsmith Visit disclaimer page : Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia talks with his friend and colleague Kathleen Sexsmith about his work advocating for farmers' rights and immigrant rights as it relates to human trafficking work. He talks about how he came to the work, gaps he sees in advocacy and policy, and gives advice to his former self. 

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