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OPRE is responsible for generating information and answering empirical questions related to the human services provided by the Administration for Children and Families, and promoting the use of that evidence to inform policy and practice. To do so, OPRE uses a variety of research and evaluation methods that are rigorous, relevant, transparent, independent, and ethical. This set of work includes topics such as innovative research methods and designs, measurement development, and tools for understanding different types of research and evaluation.

OPRE periodically organizes meetings to convene scientists and research experts to advance critical topics in social science research methodology. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss how innovative methodologies can be applied to policy-relevant questions, and how government-supported research can use the most scientifically rigorous methodology approaches. Learn more about OPRE's innovative methods meetings and products that have emerged from them. Learn more > Visit disclaimer page

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    The Advancing Welfare and Family Self-Sufficiency Research follow-on contract provided timely and flexible research and evaluation support to ACF and its stakeholders and a flexible research and evaluation mechanism for responding to rapidly emerging policy priorities and research opportunities.

    Explore OPRE's work in exploring Bayesian methods -- how they can be applied, the BASIE framework, how Bayesian methods can be used in social policy research, FAQs.

    Good program evaluations assess program performance, measure impacts on families and communities, and document our success. With this information, programs are better able to direct limited resources to where they are most needed and most effective in...

    This page describes OPRE's work in innovative methods to support the government's use of rigorous research methods when evaluating its social services programs.

    Explore OPRE's work updating the Program Manager's Guide to Evaluation, summarizing and sharing OPRE's Evaluation Technical Assistance Resources, and resources and summaries of its annual innovative methods meetings.

    The Pathways to Work Evidence Clearinghouse is a comprehensive, transparent, and systematic assessment of the effectiveness of interventions designed to help job seekers with low incomes succeed in the labor market.

    Tribal Home Visiting Evaluation Institute

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    Explore OPRE's Tribal Home Visiting Evaluation Institute (TEI) page for resources from data and evaluation capacity building efforts in Tribal Home Visiting.