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The summative evaluation conducted under YARH-3 will examine the effect of Colorado’s Pathways to Success comprehensive service model (Pathways).

Explore how employment programs can support young people transitioning out of foster care.

OPRE's brief "State Approaches to Extending Chafee Services to Age 23" describes how some states implemented the extension of Chafee-funded services to age 23, why some eligible states did not seek approval to extend, and common challenges states experienced in supporting older young adults.

Learn about research on child welfare court hearing quality and how it affects case processing and outcomes.

Explore OPRE’s Self-Regulation and Toxic Stress Series for reports, tips, snapshots and more on adolescent self-regulation and supporting youth in foster care.


This document highlights research on court practices and court system resources that relate to judicial decision-making and hearing quality in child welfare court cases.

This document describes how the Compendium of Measures and Data Sources: Understanding Judicial Decision-Making and Hearing Quality in Child Welfare can be a valuable resource for child welfare legal professionals.

The purpose of the Compendium is to summarize information about the types and range of measures and data sources used to study judicial decision-making and hearing quality in child welfare cases.

Explore a conceptual model that describes how components of judicial decision-making and child welfare hearing quality relate to the case process and outcomes for children and families.