Tailored Teaching: Teachers’ Use of Ongoing Child Assessment to Individualize Instruction

Publication Date: July 7, 2014


This two volume report documents the work of the Assessing Early Childhood Teachers’ Use of Child Progress Monitoring to Individualize Teaching Practices project.  The purpose of the project is to 1) develop a conceptual framework of how early childhood teachers use ongoing assessment to individualize instruction and 2) create a measure to document and examine this process.  The tool, called The Tool for Tailored Teaching (T3) will be a multi-method measure that will show how teachers use ongoing, curriculum-embedded assessment to deliver high quality, individualized instruction.

After reviewing both general outcomes methods (GOM) and curriculum-embedded methods (CEM) for ongoing assessment, the research team chose to focus on curriculum-embedded approaches, because:  1) they are more common in early childhood settings; 2) they are more demanding for teachers to implement; and 3) they are more comprehensive.  Volume I presents the conceptual framework for curriculum-embedded approaches, followed by a description of the proposed assessment measure, along with a discussion of measurement issues and a description of the tool’s potential uses. Volume II presents a literature review which demonstrates the lack of research documenting successful use of assessment to inform individualization. 

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