Developing a Tool to Examine Teachers’ Use of Ongoing Child Assessment to Individualize Instruction

Publication Date: January 12, 2017


This report and brief describe the iterative development of the draft Examining Data Informing Teaching (EDIT) measure. The information in this report can serve as a resource for researchers and future users of the EDIT measure.

EDIT assists researchers in understanding how teachers conduct ongoing assessments for individualizing instruction.

The measure focuses on the processes teachers use for:

  1. planning what information to collect and how to do so
  2. collecting valid data
  3. organizing and interpreting the data and
  4. using the data collected to inform instruction and future assessment.

We conducted two rounds of pretesting, each with teachers in 9 classrooms, which allowed for revisions of the data collection and administration procedures.

Updated in December 2016, this report now includes information about the second round of pretesting. It also provides a detailed description of the draft measure, explains how to administer the instrument, describes the measurement development process, outlines the pretest activities, presents lessons learned from the pretest; and describes next steps for further development and future uses of the EDIT.

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