Head Start University Partnerships, 2001-2004

The Head Start University Partnerships Program supported research conducted by university faculty members who form partnerships with Head Start or Early Head Start programs in their communities. The purpose of these partnerships was twofold. First, the partnerships were intended to improve the quality and effectiveness of Head Start/Early Head Start services and the services of other early intervention programs through the acquisition of new knowledge, or to test the application of theory driven interventions in Head Start or Early Head Start settings which have documented proof of effectiveness with other populations, ages or in other settings. The second reason for this program was to broaden the base of researchers who enter into partnerships with Head Start programs to conduct research, which benefits all low-income children from the prenatal period through age five. To further broaden this research base, ACF funded the Head Start Research Scholars projects, which was a program that supports graduate students in similar research endeavors. Through both of these initiatives, ACF hoped to strengthen the partnerships between researchers, program staff, and Head Start families.

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