American Indian - Alaska Native Head Start Research Center, 2005-2011

This grant cooperative agreement supported a Head Start American Indian - Alaska Native Research Center at the University of Colorado at Denver – Health Sciences Center. The purpose of the Center was to provide leadership and offer support in the development and facilitation of local American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) Head Start research, and strengthen the ability of local researchers to conduct model research projects (based in universities and other nonprofit research institutions) in collaboration with Head Start AI/AN program staff and members of tribal communities.

  • The Center engaged in a variety of activities that promoted community participatory research in early childhood research, contributed to the knowledge base, improved research capacity, and provided leadership and support for research on the early development of American Indian – Alaska Native children. Activities included the support of three local research partnerships projects with universities and tribal Head Start programs. These include: Michigan State University and the Intertribal Council of Michigan, and Oregon State University and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. The Center also supported training fellowships that assist in the professional development of researchers who are interested or have worked on Head Start and early childhood Native American research, The Center also conducted a pilot study to determine how well research measures used in large national studies (such as FACES and Baby FACES) work among AI/AN Head Start and Early Head Start children, families, and classrooms.

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