OMB Partnership Fund Pilot: State Systems Interoperability and Integration (S2I2) Grant Project

Funding Level: $8 million
Length of Pilot/Grant: One year (9/30/2012 to 9/29/2013)
Number of States/Pilot Sites: 7 states

Summary of Funded Concept:
This pilot provides competitive grants to seven states to develop and implement improved information technology (IT) systems interoperability and integration in eligibility and enrollment, case management, and other related systems. Funds were awarded to states based on criteria that include:

• How improved data systems could improve relevant outcomes, including both the size and type of the potential impact (such as child or family well-being, streamlined eligibility processes, improved access to needed benefits and services, and/or improved program integrity through more accurate eligibility determinations);
• How the state plans to leverage and/or complement existing IT development initiatives and requirements;
• How the work the state would do with the funds could benefit other states that are interested in similar issues; and
• The breadth of the project (i.e., the number of human services programs and systems included in the state’s review).

States that received a grant were required to produce a public report to inform other states as they consider similar systems issues. The reports detail the architecture used, programs involved, privacy and confidentiality framework developed to support appropriate data sharing, outcomes, best practices, lessons learned and a “road map” for implementation by other states.

Addressing the Partnership Fund’s Goals:
Program Integrity: Improve the accuracy of eligibility determinations and agencies’ ability to make changes in eligibility and benefits as appropriate, as well as, the ability to appropriately share information reported to or available in one program with other programs to support program integrity efforts.

Administrative Efficiency: Reduce duplicative administrative processes such as verification, document storage, and eligibility determinations.

Service Delivery: Reduce the amount of documentation families must submit to apply for multiple benefits and time spent by families applying or retaining eligibility, while improving agency access to the information they need to deliver more effective services.

Awarded States (click on the state below for more information):

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