ACF Emergency Response Readiness Force

The Emergency Response Readiness Force (ERRF) is a cadre of dedicated ACF employees who volunteer to leverage their knowledge, skills, and expertise in human services and ACF program delivery to support communities that have been impacted by Presidentially declared disasters and emergencies. ACF’s Office of Human Services Emergency Preparedness and Response (OHSEPR) manages the ERRF cadre.  

During steady-state, OHSEPR provides ERRF members with training on emergency management principles and OHSEPR’s disaster human services missions to ensure that ERRF members are ready to support missions.  

When activated by OHSEPR, ERRF members provide technical assistance regarding ACF and HHS human services programs that may be able to help disaster survivors; serve as disaster human services liaisons to expedite the flow of information between ACF and other agencies; assist with data collection and analysis of disaster impacts to human services programs and the families that they serve. 

ACF federal employees who have questions about volunteering can find more information on the ACF Connect Emergency Response Readiness Force intranet page.  

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