HPOG Promising Practice: Worksystems, Inc. - Education, Training, & Support Services

Publication Date: June 22, 2021

Portland, OR

HPOG programs have a direct impact on maintaining stable housing

Health Careers Northwest Visit disclaimer page at Worksystems, Inc. found their program makes meaningful change and directly impacts the households served by the Health Profession Opportunity Grant (HPOG) program. They partnered with the Housing Authority of Washington County (HAWC) to measure this impact. HAWC found that participants who achieved credentials and new jobs through HPOG, contributed more to their monthly housing expenses. This was measured in Tenant-to- Pay (TTP) dollars per participant. They found that participants contributed an extra $178 to $324 per month.

This analysis showed a reduction in housing subsidy utilized due to participation in HPOG. These results would be extremely unlikely and difficult to produce without the direct engagement of the housing authority in the Health Careers NW program.

Health Careers Northwest partnered with HAWC to provide career coaching services including outreach, informational sessions to interested parties, career mapping, career planning, and resource development. These contributions helped HPOG participants succeed in the program and go on to secure financial success.

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HPOG Promising Practice: Worksystems, Inc. - Education, Training, & Support Services (PDF)

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