HPOG Promising Practice: Goodwill Industries of the Valleys - Partnership | Education, Training, & Support Services

Publication Date: June 22, 2021

Roanoke, VA

Hybrid healthcare trainings benefit working students with busy schedules

With the second round of Health Profession Opportunity Grants coming to a close, the GoodCare Career Pathways Program Visit disclaimer page began looking for alternative training options. Facilitated by Goodwill Industries of the Valleys, GoodCare uses a three-part behavioral change model designed to integrate supportive, educational, and workplace services in healthcare training. GoodCare also provides the environment and encouragement needed to succeed in their three occupation healthcare tracks: nursing, health information, and healthcare support. Limited time and funding in the last year of the Health Profession Opportunity Grants does not allow for the usual training programs or approach to services in these tracks. Ever adaptable to participant needs, GoodCare set out to build a new training that fit.

In 2019, GoodCare partnered with MedCerts for online healthcare trainings such as pharmacy technician and electronic health records. Since online training is not an option for students with limited or no access to the internet, GoodCare formed a hybrid class. Adult Basic Education (ABE) partners Region 5 Adult Education Program, Mount Rogers Regional Adult Education Program, and Adult and Career Education of Central Virginia provide a classroom and additional supports for individuals taking MedCert online trainings. ABE partners provide GoodCare with assistance in administering assessments, occupational skills tutoring, and class prep. Due to COVID-19, the ABE partners have been doing all of this virtually. For participants that cannot attend classes due to childcare issues or work schedules, ABE partners meet with them individually. Participants have an instructor to turn to for help and peers they can interact with. This benefits students who need additional structure and support during these trying times.

Several GoodCare staff became certified proctors for state and national examinations through the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). This means GoodCare can offer exams on site, so participants can take their certification exams in a familiar setting. GoodCare finds this decreases the nervousness of participants and increases their odds of passing. Several participants reported passing the certification exams because they felt comfortable with the testing environment and proctor.

GoodCare’s flexibility to adapt to participant needs is everpresent in 2020. Tailoring the online classroom to meet individual schedules and skill level is one of their greatest accomplishments to date. Participants are completing training during a global pandemic without skipping a beat.

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