KISRA Names Honorees, Including “Overcomer of the Year”

June 11, 2018
Leon Wheeler, who was named KISRA Overcomer of the Year

KISRA (Kanawha Institute for Social Research & Action) recently held its annual awards luncheon and honored select participants, including Leon Wheeler, who was named "Overcomer of the Year."

Leon is an inspiring young man who came to KISRA after being released from prison. He refused to let his lack of transportation and limited income get in the way of his efforts to better himself. Despite the fact that Leon did not have a support group locally (his family lives in Arkansas), he found a way to attend every class KISRA offered, even if that meant working all night long and riding the bus for more than an hour to get to class.

Since completing KISRA’s Program, Leon has gone on to find gainful employment. Most importantly, Leon now understands the important role that a father plays in the life of a child. He is determined to be the man that his family deserves and model healthy behavior for his children, so that his children can learn from the mistakes that he has made.