Clive at Montefiore Medical Center

November 16, 2020
Clive smiles

Clive smilesMontefiore Medical Center Health Profession Opportunity Grant Project

Bronx, NY

Senior living facility volunteer becomes a healthcare professional through hard work and dedication

When Clive immigrated to the Bronx, NY from Jamaica to join his wife, he started a new chapter in his life. While looking for work, he noticed that position requirements were different than his past experience in Jamaica. He needed to explore career opportunities outside of what was familiar. After working as a director for an after-school program for a couple of years, he decided to dedicate his life to helping others. His experience volunteering at a senior living facility helping patients suffering from dementia in Jamaica made him excited to pursue a career in healthcare through the HPOG program at Montefiore Medical Center Visit disclaimer page .

It was when Clive began researching different training opportunities, that he learned about home health aide training and knew it would be a great fit. He registered for the Home Health Aide Training, and the Montefiore HPOG program provided financial support and career counseling services to help him complete his certification training and find meaningful employment. “HPOG is a wonderful program,” he said, touting how helpful the financial aid and his vocational counselor were to him during this time.

Clive completed the four-week training and secured full-time work earning $13 per hour. Eager to grow, Clive took advantage of the opportunities for career growth offered by the Montefiore HPOG program. He enrolled in a six-week Certified Nurse Assistant Training Program while maintaining his employment as a Home Health Aide with Best Choice. Once he finished this training, Clive got a new job earning $15 per hour.

This new position presented challenges meeting the needs of his patients and the targets set for new Certified Nursing Assistants at the site. Clive thought about quitting, but his vocational counselor encouraged him to persevere. He did, and the next month he got an offer for a full-time position working with his supervisor on his own wing of patients. Clive did not stop there though – he got a part-time job with Isabella Geriatric Center, earning $18.25 per hour. He currently is working two jobs and says he finally obtained financial freedom and bought a new vehicle.

“My journey through the HPOG program continues to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. My journey is far from over but through the support I received and continue to receive, I am confident that I can advance even further along in my Healthcare field career.”

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Clive at Montefiore Medical Center