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To transmit a form and instructions for requesting allotment from the Pandemic Emergency Assistance Fund.

To provide initial guidance regarding the newly established Pandemic Emergency Assistance Fund.

Renewed Form ACF-202, Caseload Reduction Report.

The purpose of this transmittal is to request October 2009 caseload data on the number of foster children supported with public funds and the number of children in families receiving TANF payments in excess of the poverty income level.  These data will be used by the Department of Education in its formula to allocate school year 2009-2010 Title I grants.

This Program Instruction informs Tribes of the approval of ACF-196T by the Office of Management and Budget.  All Tribal TANF Grantees must use the new form beginning with the fourth quarter of FY 2009.


Voluntary Reporting of Hours of Participation in Non-Countable Work Activities
June 2, 2010

This Program Instructions sets forth revised standard procedures for resolving disagreements over state-submitted caseload and expenditure data used to establish the amount of a TFAG.  This issuance supersedes and rescinds the original PI on this topic (see TANF-ACF-PI-2010-01 dated June 2, 2010).  A new PI is necessary because of a reorganization of the Office of Family Assistance and the need to clarify certain aspects of the process.

This document provides guidance on data coding.

Information for grantees on how to modify their budgets.

State agencies administering the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program and other interested parties