About Tribal Programs

The Office of Family Assistance (OFA) administers three tribal grant programs: 

These tribal programs give federally federally-recognized Indian tribes flexibility to design welfare, jobs, and child welfare programs that promote work and responsibility and strengthen families. 

Additionally, OFA coordinates with the Department of Interior on the transfer and administration of Tribal TANF and NEW programs that tribes have included under their Public Law 102-477 program Visit disclaimer page .  P.L. 102-477 allows tribes to combine government programs to one budget and one common plan.

Looking for other Programs for Native Americans or Indian Tribes?

The following programs operated by other divisions within the Administration for Children and Families also serve Native Americans or Indian Tribes:

Also check out the ACF Tribal and Native American Resources page.

Have an innovative solution?

Office of Family Assistance PeerTA logo people form a bridge

Have an innovative solution? Or are you wondering how other tribal programs handled a challenge you are facing? Check out OFA Peer TA. Peer TA’s goal is to establish linkages among TANF agencies and their partners serving TANF and low-income families at the state, county, local, and tribal level. 

Popular Resources

Tribal TANF Data Coding Instructions

January 3, 2018

This document provides guidance on data coding.

Read Tribal TANF Data Coding Instructions

Tribal TANF Plan Guidance

August 25, 2020

Tribal TANF Plan guidance provides instructions to tribes and consortia interested in starting a Tribal TANF program.

Read Tribal TANF Plan Guidance

NEW-ACF-PI-2018-01 (revises and supersedes NEW-ACF-PI 2011-01)

June 21, 2018

This program instruction (PI) revises and supersedes NEW-ACF-PI 2011-01. It provides guidance on submission of program, financial, and audit reports covering the NEW program, replacing outdated guidance from Program Instruction NEW-ACF-PI-2011-01. Additionally, guidance is added regarding electronic filing of reports as directed by OGM-AT-13-01.

Read NEW-ACF-PI-2018-01 (revises and supersedes NEW-ACF-PI 2011-01)

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