TANF Training and Technical Assistance

The Office of Family Assistance provides training and technical assistance (TTA) to state, tribal, and local TANF programs. TTA helps TANF agencies strengthen their programs so they can improve the well-being and promote the self-sufficiency of TANF participants and TANF-eligible individuals. Training and technical assistance specialists provide program expertise, resources, information, and connections to research and practice specialists.

OFA provides TTA in direct response to requests from TANF programs and those aligned with HHS/ACF priorities. We provide TTA using a variety of methods, including webinars, virtual workshops, and online forums, as well as site exchanges, roundtables, and site visits. OFA invests heavily in long-term TTA activities, such as communities of learnings to policy academies.

The OFA Peer TA Visit disclaimer page website is a repository for all TANF TTA activities. State, tribal, and local TANF agencies can request TTA on the PeerTA website.  

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Some features of PeerTA:

Anyone is welcome to join our growing community of TANF stakeholders by signing up for of our PeerTA email newsletter Visit disclaimer page for updates on resources, events, and emerging strategies.

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