HPOG Data & Reports

HPOG was authorized as a demonstration program, and aims to make an important contribution to the field’s collective knowledge about sector-based and career pathways programs.

HPOG Program Evaluation

HPOG includes a mandated federal evaluation to assess achievement of its goals. The evaluation aims to identify successful activities for helping low-income individuals enter in-demand health care professions and advance in those professions.

To accomplish this, ACF's Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation (OPRE) is using a multi-pronged research and evaluation portfolio to document the operations and assess the success of the HPOG Program. The projects within the portfolio, listed below, are designed to answer questions about program implementation, systems change, outcomes, and impacts.

Evaluations of HPOG 1.0 (Grants Awarded in 2010):

  • HPOG Implementation, Systems and Outcomes Project
  • HPOG National Implementation Evaluation
  • HPOG Impact Study
  • Pathways for Advancing Careers and Education
  • Career Pathways Intermediate Outcomes Study
  • Career Pathways Long-term Outcomes Study
  • Evaluation of Tribal HPOG
  • University Partnership Research Grants for HPOG

Evaluations of HPOG 2.0 (Grants Awarded in 2015):

  • Evaluation and System Design for Career Pathways Programs: 2nd Generation of HPOG
  • National Evaluation of the 2nd Generation of HPOG
  • Tribal Evaluation of the 2nd Generation of HPOG
  • HPOG University Partnership 2.0 Research Grants

Visit OPRE’s website for more information on the HPOG research and evaluation portfolio.