SSBG Fact Sheet

SSBG Fact Sheet



To support social services directed towards achieving economic self-sufficiency; preventing or remedying neglect, abuse, or the exploitation of children and adults; preventing or reducing inappropriate institutionalization; and securing referrals for institutional care, where appropriate.

Legislative Authority:

Title XX of the Social Security Act, as amended in 1981.


In FY 2019, Block Grant: $1.7 billion.
In FY 2018, Block Grant: $1.7 billion.

Eligible Applicants:

States, District of Columbia, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and U.S. territories (Guam, Virgin Islands, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa).

Target Population:

Households with low income.


Services and eligibility requirements vary by state. The Uniform Definitions of Services, which include 29 service categories, provide guidelines to states for reporting purposes. Service categories most frequently supported by SSBG include child care, child welfare, services for persons with disabilities, case management services, and protective services for adults.

Type of Grant:

Block Grant

Program Requirements:

States and territories must submit a plan specifying how grant funds will be used. An annual post-expenditure report is also required. States may provide services directly, or sub-allocate funds to local qualified providers. States may transfer up to 10% of their TANF funds to SSBG.

Program Highlights:

In FY 2016, the latest year for which data are available, approximately 26 million individuals received services funded in part or in whole by SSBG. In FY 2016, states reported a total of $2.75 in Total SSBG Expenditures. Top services funded with SSBG included:

  • Foster Care Services — Children ($468 million in 34 States)
  • Protective Services — Children ($319 million in 38 States)
  • Day Care — Children ($282 million in 31 States)
  • Special Services — Disabled ($282 million in 18 States)
  • Case Management ($214 million in 27 States)
  • Protective Services — Adults ($207 million in 36 States)
  • Prevention and Intervention ($189 million in 24 States)
  • Home-Based Services ($139 million in 31 States)
  • Other Services ($138 million in 24 States)

Of the $2.75 billion in SSBG expenditures reported in FY 2016, about $1.61 billion was awarded from the SSBG, and an additional $1.14 billion was transferred via TANF. Forty states transferred TANF funds into the SSBG.

Program Contact:

Social Services Block Grant
Office of Community Services
Phone: (202) 401-5281