Preliminary Reports from FY2022-2024 State and Territory CCDF Plan Preprint

Publication Date: August 23, 2021

FFY 2022-2024 State and Territory CCDF Plan Sections Reports (Preliminary)

The following reports include the initial CCDF Plan data submitted by states and territories as of July 1, 2021. The preliminary reports and information are subject to change. The Plans are currently under review and will become effective as of October 1, 2021. For more detailed information about the sections listed below, please refer to the CCDF State/Territory Plan Preprint (PDF).

Plan Section

Plan Items

Eligibility Criteria: Reason for Care & Family Income Limits


3.1.2a (PDF)

3.1.2(c)(i) (PDF)

3.1.3a (PDF)

3.1.3b Family Size (FS) 1 (PDF)

3.1.3b FS2 (PDF)

3.1.3b FS3 (PDF)

3.1.3b FS4 (PDF)

3.1.3b FS5 (PDF)

3.1.5a-b (PDF)


Policies and Processes for Graduated Phase-out of Assistance at Redetermination


3.2.5a-1 (PDF)

3.2.5a-2 (PDF)

3.2.5a-3 (PDF)

3.2.5(b)(i) (PDF)

3.2.5(b)(ii) (PDF)


Family Co-Payments



3.2.1a Family Size (FS) 1 (PDF)

3.2.1a FS2 (PDF)

3.2.1a FS3 (PDF)

3.2.1a FS4 (PDF)

3.2.1a FS5 (PDF)

3.2.1(b)(i) (PDF)

3.2.1(b)(ii-iii) (PDF)

3.2.4 (PDF)

3.2.4-Yes-a-c (PDF)

4.5.1 (PDF)

4.5.2 (PDF)


Child Care Services Available through Grants or Contracts


4.1.6a-1 (PDF)

4.1.6a-2 (PDF)

Stabilization Grants


4.1.8e (PDF)

4.1.8(e)(i) (PDF)

4.1.8(e)(xi) (PDF)


Payment Rates


4.3.1(a)(i) (PDF)

4.3.1(a)(ii) (PDF)

4.3.1(a)(iii) (PDF)

4.3.1(a)(iv) (PDF)

4.3.1(a)(v) (PDF)

4.3.1(a)(vi) (PDF)

4.3.1(a)(vii) (PDF)

4.3.1(a)(viii) (PDF)

4.3.1d (PDF)

4.3.3 Yes-a (PDF)

4.3.3 Yes-b (PDF)

4.3.3 Yes-c (PDF)

4.3.3 Yes-d (PDF)

4.3.3 Yes-e (PDF)

4.3.3 Yes-f (PDF)

4.3.3 Yes-g (PDF)


Payment Practices


4.4.1a (PDF)

4.4.1b (PDF)

4.4.1c (PDF)

4.4.3 (PDF)


Use of Quality Funds


6.3.1b.i (PDF)

6.3.1b.ii (PDF)

6.3.1b.iii (PDF)

6.3.1b.iv (PDF)

6.3.1b.iv Describe (PDF)

7.2.1 (PDF)

7.3.5 (PDF)

7.3.5(a)(i) (PDF)

7.3.5(a)(ii) (PDF)

7.3.5(a)(iii) (PDF)

7.3.5(a)(iv) (PDF)

7.3.5(a)(v) (PDF)

7.3.5(a)(vi) (PDF)

7.3.5(a)(viii) (PDF)

7.3.5(a)(ix) (PDF)

7.3.5(a)(x) (PDF)

7.3.5(a)(xi) (PDF)


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