CCDF Federal Onsite Monitoring

Publication Date: April 10, 2020

Monitoring Authority

Child Care and Development Block Grant Act


(b) Enforcement- (1) Review of compliance with state plan -The Secretary shall review and monitor State compliance with this subchapter and the plan approved under section 658E(c) for the State.

45 CFR Part 98- Final Rule

Subpart J—Monitoring, Noncompliance and Complaints § 98.90 Monitoring.

(a) The Secretary will monitor programs funded under the CCDF for compliance with:

(1) The Act;

(2) The CCDF Final Rule;

(3) The provisions and requirements set forth in the CCDF Plan approved under § 98.18


Beginning in FY 2019, in response to reauthorization of the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Final Rule, the Office of Child Care (OCC) launched the CCDF Federal Onsite Monitoring System.

CCDF Onsite Monitoring Goals

The purposes of the CCDF Federal Onsite Monitoring System are to:

  • Ensure compliance with CCDF Regulations and approved CCDF Plan
  • Identify technical assistance needs to meet CCDF requirements
  • Identify promising practices to inform continuous quality improvement

Monitoring Topics

During the first 3-year cycle (FY 2019 — FY 2021), States will be monitored for compliance within 11 specific topic areas. Within each topic, there are specific CCDF regulations for which the States will be required to demonstrate compliance.

Monitoring Topics for Cycle #1:

  1. Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery
  2. Consumer Education: Dissemination of Information to Parents, Providers, and General Public (Monitoring Reports and Aggregate Annual Data)
  3. Twelve-Month Eligibility
  4. Child:Staff Ratios and Group Sizes
  5. Health and Safety Requirements for Providers (11 health and safety topics)
  6. Pre-Service/Orientation and Ongoing Training for Providers
  7. Inspections for CCDF Licensed Providers
  8. Inspections for License-Exempt CCDF Providers
  9. Ratios for Licensing Inspectors
  10. Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting
  11. Program Integrity and Accountability

Throughout the monitoring process, the State and its CCDF team work closely with an OCC Monitoring Team consisting of OCC Regional and Central Office staff and representatives from OCC’s monitoring contractor.

Monitoring Cohorts and Cycles

States are divided into three monitoring cohorts of 17 States each; one cohort is visited every year.

OCC Monitoring Cycle #1

Cohort 1 States 10/1/18 — 9/30/19
Cohort 2 States 10/1/19 — 9/30/20
Cohort 3 States 10/1/20 — 9/30/21


Cohort 1 States Cohort 2 States Cohort 3 States
Massachusetts Connecticut New Hampshire
Rhode Island Maine Vermont
New York New Jersey Puerto Rico
Delaware District of Columbia Pennsylvania
Virginia Maryland West Virginia
Florida Kentucky Georgia
Mississippi North Carolina Alabama
Tennessee South Carolina Illinois
Ohio Michigan Indiana
Wisconsin Minnesota Texas
Louisiana New Mexico Oklahoma
Arkansas Missouri Kansas
Iowa Nebraska Colorado
Utah Montana North Dakota
South Dakota Wyoming California
Arizona Hawaii Nevada
Oregon Idaho Washington

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