ACF-118a: Tribal Plan

ACF-118a: Tribal Plan

Information about the ACF-118a Tribal Plan

Tribal Plan

Form number



Serves as the agreement between the Lead Agency and the Federal Government as to how CCDF programs will be administered in conformance with legislative requirements, pertinent federal regulations, and other instructions and guidelines issued by ACF.


Triennial (every three years)

Timeframe Covered

Three-year plan period (e.g., Oct 1, 2019 – Sept 30, 2022)

Due when

The July 1st prior to the new plan period (due every three years) unless otherwise specified*

Submission method

E-mail attachment (to ACF Regional Office)

Technical assistance

OCC Regional Office

*Tribal Plans for the FY 2020-2022 plan period are due on September 6, 2019.”