Early Childhood Technical Assistance

Early Childhood Technical Assistance is a term used to describe communications and collaborations across systems with the ultimate goal of bridging the gap among research, policy, and practice.   Early Childhood Technical Assistance is approached across multiple governmental departments, agencies, programs and grants. This assistance may result in dedicated centers, training, resources, guidance and support for a variety of audiences; including but not limited to students, parents, providers, grantees, states and/or the field in general.


Early Childhood COVID-19 TA Visit disclaimer page

Agencies across the Federal government have collected a series of resources to support early childhood learning and programs during COVID-19, curated into ten categories. Within each of the ten categories, resources are further organized by the audience.


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The National Centers provide the foundation of knowledge and practice for our Early Childhood T/TA System. These Centers develop and disseminate high-quality, evidence-based resources and practices, and provide training and technical assistance. Their approaches build capacity and create sustainable early childhood practices at the regional, state and local levels.