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This page contains frequently requested documents as well as information routinely available to the public under the Freedom of Information Act. We will continue to add records to reflect public interest.




Information of Interest

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ACF Mission

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ACF Operational Structure

Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) 2.0 Tribal Evaluation: Evaluation Plan

Book of regulations

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Frequently Requested Records

ACF Program Office Supporting Documents

All Offices

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) has program offices specialized in their missions supporting a variety of initiatives that empower families and individuals and improve access to services in order to create strong, healthy communities

*The largest number of requests come for one of these three offices:

Most requested topics:

Children's Bureau (CB)

CB focuses on improving the lives of children and families through programs that reduce child abuse and neglect, increase the number of adoptions, and strengthen foster care.

Adoption and Foster Care

Child Welfare

Office of Head Start (OHS)

OHS manages grant funding and oversees local agencies providing Head Start services. Head Start promotes school readiness of children under five from low-income families through education, health, social, and other services.


Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)

ORR helps new populations maximize their potential in the United States by linking them to critical resources that assist them in becoming integrated members of American society.

Unaccompanied Children Program

Reproductive Services for Unaccompanied Minors


Successful Grant Applications

ACF Program Grantee City/State
Community-Centered Healthy Marriage and Relationships Cambodian Association of America (FY2011) (PDF) Long Beach, CA
Community Service Block Grant, Community Economic Development Program Hill House Economic Development Corporation (FY2012) (PDF) Pittsburgh, PA
Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Street Outreach Program


Latin American Youth Center (FY2013) Washington, DC
WI Association for Runaway Services (FY2015) (PDF) Madison, WI
Shelter Care, Inc. (FY2015) (PDF) Tallmadge, OH

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Outside Resources Available to You:

Birth, death, marriage, or divorce records Visit disclaimer page
Adoption records Visit disclaimer page
Court records of child custody, child support or adoption proceedings Visit disclaimer page
Local child welfare and child protection agencies Visit disclaimer page

Old records

ACF Purchase Card Holders

  • Contact the Program Support Center FOIA staff at FOIArequest@psc.hhs.gov to receive the list of current ACF purchase card holders

Subcontracts relating to ACF grants

  • Contact the grantees, ACF does not hold these records

Immigration records of unaccompanied children


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