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8.3A.8a  TITLE IV-E, Foster Care Maintenance Payments Program, Eligibility, Facilities requirements, child-care institution

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Question 1.  
 When and under what conditions can a public agency or unit of government claim reimbursement under title IV-E for multiple facilities operated as licensed public child care institutions for 25 or fewer children?

Question 2.  
 An inquiry from a State described a situation in which a local governmental unit is operating a residential child care facility that consists of several cottages on a common plot of land. One of the cottages, licensed by the State, has a licensed capacity of 25 or fewer children. Another cottage is also licensed, but for more than 25. The question is: are the costs of care in the cottage of 25 or less eligible for Federal financial participation (FFP), since it has an individual license and is not considered, for purposes of licensing, as a part of the other cottage housing more than 25 children?

Question 3.  
 What is the operative definition of the term "primarily" when used to describe a facility for the detention of children?

Question 4.  
 Is Federal financial participation available for children placed in for-profit child-care institutions?

Question 5.  
 If an otherwise eligible title IV-E child is placed in a child care institution that has locked living units for the child's benefit or safety, does this render the facility "physically restrictive," such that the child is ineligible for title IV-E?

Question 6.  
 Under section 471(a)(10)(B) of the Act, there must be at least one "onsite official...designated to be the caregiver who is authorized to apply the reasonable and prudent parent standard" as a condition of a contract the title IV-E agency enters into with a child care institution. May the onsite official(s) be someone affiliated with the child's case (such as the child care institution's case manager for the child)?

Question 7.  
 A 16-year-old youth is placed in a childcare institution (CCI) after October 1, 2019 (or the state?s approved delayed effective date), but before the CCI has met the requirements to be a qualified residential treatment program (QRTP). The child remains in the CCI for several months, at which point the CCI meets the QRTP requirements. How may the title IV-E agency claim title IV-E foster care maintenance payments for such a child? When does the QRTP ?clock? begin to run to obtain the 30 day qualified individual assessment; the 60 day judicial review; and the 12 consecutive or 18 non-consecutive months (or six months if under age 13) agency head approval (collectively, the QRTP protections)?

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