OCSE administers grant-funded demonstration projects, waivers, and other research-related partnerships to produce the best outcomes for children and families.

Under authority of Section 1115(a) of the Social Security Act, we offer grant opportunities periodically (based on available funding each year) to state and tribal child support agencies, or their state umbrella agencies. Section 1115 demonstration grants must be used for research and to improve the child support program. Each funding opportunity is unique, and applications must respond to the outlined project goals and requirements in the announcement.

New Forecasts

OCSE has released forecasts Visit disclaimer page for two new grant opportunities: 1) Safe Access for Victims’ Economic Security (SAVES) Demonstration and 2) SAVES Center. SAVES Demonstration recipients will develop, evaluate, and implement model practices for safe access to child support and parenting time services. The SAVES Center recipient will provide comprehensive training, technical assistance, and research support to state and tribal child support agencies. The goal is to increase safe access to child support, paternity, and parenting time services for domestic violence victims.

State and tribal child support agencies are encouraged to apply.

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