Knowledge Works! Resources for Child Support-Led Employment Services

We believe the option to implement noncustodial parent employment services is a good strategy to increase participation in the workforce, improve compliance with court-ordered child support payments, and provide low-income Americans with a path out of poverty to financial self-sufficiency.

The Knowledge Works initiative helps child support agencies implement or enhance a noncustodial parent employment program by highlighting the work of successful programs in other jurisdictions. By sharing documents and connecting agencies to OCSE subject matter experts, we can help assess your program, plan, implement, and determine funding sources to develop your child support-led noncustodial parent employment program. 


FFD Washington Faced the Pandemic, and Didn't Turn Back Visit disclaimer page

Families Forward Washington, an employment program run by the Washington State Division of Child Support, provided services during the COVID-19 pandemic despite closing nine of its offices.

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Child Support-Led Employment Programs by State

32 states operate a child support-led employment program for noncustodial parents. 

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Training: Partnering with Workforce Programs to Provide Noncustodial Parents with Employment Services

Date: Sept. 15, 2021,
Time: 2 - 3:15 p.m. ET

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Existing Program Models

Get overviews of the three approaches to identify, recruit, and enroll program participants.

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Planning Tools, Policy Resources, and Funding Guidance

Download and use a Guide and Checklist for Employment Services Implementation and Program Planning. Access recent guidance identifying allowable federal funding sources and strategies, and read overviews of federal funding approaches.

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What Works

Find resources that show "What Works," including evaluation reports, program summaries, and highlights of lessons learned during implementation. The Evaluation Continuum provides guidance on how to measure results and review evidence to determine program improvement.

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Sample Documents, Forms, and Templates

Don’t recreate the wheel!  These sample documents from other states can help you with design, partnership development, and program operation.

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Request Help With Establishing a Noncustodial Parent Employment Program

We can help child support professionals develop and operate a child support-led employment program or connect you to experts in other jurisdictions. Send a request to our OCSE Subject Matter Experts.




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