Employer Responsibilities

Employers help to ensure the financial security of our nation’s children by working cooperatively with the child support program. We have several resources and tools to help you meet your responsibilities to the program.

Download the fact sheet about the Employer's Role in the Child Support Program.

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New Hire Reporting

Federal law requires you to report newly hired and rehired employees to a designated state agency within 20 days of hire. State law may require you to report sooner. We provide a variety of resources and tools to help you meet the requirements.

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Verification of Employment

Employers must provide employee information to child support agencies upon request. We developed the Standard Verification of Employment (VOE) Response Form for you to respond to those states that accept it.

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Income Withholding

Employers collect about 75 percent of child support by deducting payments from paychecks. To assist you in this effort, we provide resources and tools as well as contact information to help you find answers to your questions or resolve your issues.

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Medical Support

Medical support is a type of child support, and employers are often required to enroll their employees’ child(ren) in an employer-sponsored health insurance plan. We have forms and resources to help you meet this requirement.

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Learn about the benefits of sending child support payments through electronic funds transfer and electronic data interchange. We offer instructions, tips, and other information to help you getting started.

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When you terminate an employee with a child support income withholding order, you must report the termination as soon as possible. We have tools and resources to help you meet this requirement.

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