Working With

Many public and private partners play an important role in helping parents meet the financial and emotional needs of their children.


Employers are the program’s major partners and withhold the largest portion of child support payments.

Employment Programs

Learn about resources available for child support agencies interested in implementing or enhancing a noncustodial parent employment program.

Family Violence

The local programs promote safe access to child support for victims of domestic violence.


Child support programs work directly with fathers and are uniquely positioned to connect them to fatherhood-related programs and services.

Health Care

Establishing and enforcing medical support orders ensure that children have stable access to health care.

Hispanic Outreach

Resources to build Hispanic outreach programs to inform parents about child support services

Incarcerated Groups / Reentry

Child support programs work with correctional institutions to help parents who are incarcerated or about to be released.

Military & Veterans

Child support programs help families respond to circumstances as a result of military service.  We work with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the American Bar Association on issues that impact veterans.

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