2021 ANA Application Toolkit

Publication Date: April 9, 2021

The ANA Application Toolkit was designed to assist applicants in developing their grant applications to the Administration for Native Americans.

The Toolkit is broken down into six sections, three of which align with the sections of the ANA application project description: Approach, Organizational Capacity and finally Budget and Budget Justification. The fourth section pertains to the Language FOA differences. The fifth section provides tools and tips to support preparing and submitting the application. The sixth section provides a pre-submission checklist to help you finalize your application for submission.

In addition to the six sections of this document, applicants can find a wealth of valuable templates, examples, and worksheets embedded in the ANA Application Toolkit PDF portfolio. If you have difficulty accessing these valuable resources, especially the ANA recommended Line-Item Budget and Budget Justification Template, please contact your regional T/TA Center.

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