Grantee Training & Technical Assistance

ANA, in collaboration with regional training and technical assistance providers, provides technical assistance on project implementation and implements regional post-award training for all ANA grantees.

Technical Assistance

ANA technical assistance includes webinars on reporting requirements and one-on-one assistance in the administration and implementation of an ANA funded project. To request technical assistance, please contact your ANA program specialist.

Post-Award Training

Post-award trainings are designed to provide awarded ANA grantees with information on how to effectively administer, manage, track and report their ANA projects. 

Participants learn:

  • The roles and responsibilities of ANA, the Office of Grants Management (OGM), and the Division of Payment Management (DPM)
  • How to read their Notice of Grant Award (NGA)
  • How to complete and submit the required quarterly reports (Objective Progress Report andSF425)
  • How to submit a timely non-competing grant continuation application
  • How to submit requests for non-routine grant actions
  • Techniques to enhance participation of youth and elders in project activities
  • How to build and document community support 

The training sessions are offered free of charge to new ANA grantees and the travel costs are included in the financial award. Grantees should attend the post-award training within their TA region. To register and confirm dates and locations, please contact your regional T/TA provider.